5 Amazing Tips to Keep Your Dog Happy and Healthy

Spending quality time with dogs always helps to ease stress and anxiety and can lower the blood pressure and cholesterol level. Similarly, keeping the emotional support animal eases the disabled in the same manners likewise. So, as per the ESA doctor’s review to gain the health benefits of dog ownership, it’s necessary to ensure that you are taking care of your dog and keeping it happy with quality nutrition and plenty of exercises.

Here are amazing tips for you to keep your dog happy and healthy which are as follows:

1- Walk and exercise

One of the favorite habits of most of the dogs is to go walking and doing various exercises. Regular exercise walks, hiking, playing fetch, and swimming helps to keep the dogs physically active and fit as well as happy. But don’t stick on just to this. Providing toys to them for playing, practicing new tricks, building obstacle courses, hiding treats and all such tricks play their best role in keeping the dogs interested and engaged. Not only this, even by changing your walking routines and exposing your pet to new locations and smells can also make them healthy and happy.

2- Sufficient space

Same as humans’ dogs also need some sufficient place where they can go to unwind themselves. The crowded place all the time makes your dog disturbed. So, having a private place for him to treat and be alone ensures a happy, healthy dog.

3- Healthy nutrition

Nutrition is one of the important and basic elements that can keep dogs happy and healthy. Feeding dogs with the right type and amount of food can help them to maintain a good weight. It is one of the best ways for extending its lifespan and to prevent obesity-related issues. Most of the time pets used to fulfill their nutritional needs of a balanced diet through their regular meal but consult with your veterinarian to see if he needs any supplements. Make sure to give enough fresh water to your pet and keep in your notice the number of treats you are giving him.

4- Regular Grooming 

Like humans, dogs also love to stay clean and tidy. Keeping your pet’s nails trimmed, brushing him many times a week, and giving him regular baths gives joy to the dog and keeps him clean too. Through grooming, you can keep an eye on changes in your pet’s fur or skin, like dandruff, bald patches, or dry skin. Consult with your veterinarian for the best grooming protocol and practices for your particular pet. Because it is equally important for maintaining your dog’s appearance as well as their physical health.

5- Quality time 

Proving quality time to your dog by taking care extends health and life beyond nutrition and exercise. Like humans, dogs also need care, attention, interaction, and love. Try to spend some quality time with your dog, whether it’s a walk or cuddle time on the couch. Your pet will enjoy and appreciate having time wholly dedicated to him. Additionally, it’s scientifically proven that spending time with your pet can help you to decrease your stress and anxiety, too.


If you are keeping a dog it means you have a loyal friend with you for the rest of your life. So, to keep your loyal friend satisfied being in your company, little amazing acts of kindness and love are necessary.