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Fake Urine Purchase – Factors to Consider when Choosing a Product

It is quite difficult to land in a good job nowadays because employers have started implementing a really strict application process. I am referring to the UDT or Urine Drug Testing, which made some applicants back out from the position that they are hoping for. Some of these individuals are aware about this medical exam, while the others find it surprising. They may have the will to abstain from taking illegal drugs, but the truth is that they do not have ample time to prepare for this screening. For this reason, they cannot avoid purchasing a synthetic or fake pee as a specimen replacement.

You should know that a lot of products with poor quality are sold in the market. Actually, this will give you an idea about where you can actually get good brands. Due to the increasing demand for this solution, we cannot stop manufacturers from producing synthetic piss. That is why, you have to be very meticulous in purchasing one. You are determined to cheat because you certainly want to pass. I supposed, you are going to prepare for this, right? Basically, you will scout online and check various stores in your area.

But when you do that, you can just collect brand names. You will be needing more specific information and details here. No matter how popular a product is, the comparison must still be done. Let’s say that you have bought the fake urine with the best quality, but what if you got fooled? There are sellers, who just uses names and will give you just a replica. Now, if you are not really careful, then you’ll end up receiving a positive drug test. You surely won’t like this to happen. There are factors that must be considered greatly, and these are what you need to learn.

The Quality

Depending on the high quality of a synthetic urine is essential. Again, these may be costly, but will guarantee you a favorable result. What will you do with a cheap fake pee, if it will just let you down? Do not waste your time, effort and money with the wrong and fake solution.

Let’s say that you have bought a really good one. Now, learn how to handle it. How will you keep and bring it with you in the UDT center? If there is a supervisor, then how will you fool him? These are just some of the challenges you’ll face – great factor to beat your UDT.

The Primary Ingredients

It is very important to consider the primary ingredients or composition of the synthetic urine that you are buying. The substances found in every solution is the way to your successful test. Remember that this must resemble the real specimen. If these components are not enough, then this may lead to a false or invalid result, even though drug metabolites are not found. Therefore, you will be requested to retake the UDT. Anyway, it would be great to learn more about interpreting the results.

An albumin powder must be present for the protein content. Without this, you won’t find bubbly or foamy fresh specimen. It must also contain table salt or NaCl. I supposed; you know that piss is naturally salty. The potassium and phosphate levels are also seen through your pee, so it must have Potassium Chloride and Sodium Phosphate as well. And then, make sure to find the correct level of Creatinine Phosphate. Lastly, do not forget the uric acid because its absence will make your synthetic urine suspicious.

When buying a fake pee, you will have to check all the said ingredients, which is usually listed in the package. It is fine to doubt the success rate of this solution. I suggest you buy two and check at home how effective the brand is. When it shows a negative result, then it is good. Otherwise, you have to buy a different manufacturer or shop.

The Shelf Life

Sometimes, a UDT is required without notice. Therefore, you have to be ready all the time when you are hunting for a job. But make sure that you will use a solution that has not yet expired. Look at the package or kit and then, check the expiration date. Some of these may last for months and even years.

There are also powdered or liquid solutions that you may prepare in advance. Now, you have to keep this in a room with the required temperature with no direct sunlight. It is also good to have them even when you do not need them yet. It’s because when a UDT was randomly given, there won’t be enough time left to order or purchase this kit.

The pH Level, Specific Gravity and Temperature

Another important factor to consider is the pH and the gravity level. Both of these must meet a specific range to avoid suspicions. An average pH level is usually at 6.0, but it usually falls from 4.5 to 8.0. You may go to for further reading on the normal pH level. And then, for the specific gravity of a human pee, it normally ranges from 1.003 to 1.030, though it is usually at 1.010 to 1.025.

Your piss is normally warm, right? Therefore, you have to maintain the temperature that ranges from 32 to 38 degree Celsius or 90 to 100-degree Fahrenheit. Bear in mind that when the experts have noticed that the temperature is outside the said range, they will suspect that you have replaced or altered the sample.

The Brand Reliability

Who will not go for a reputable brand, right? Of course, this would be your best option and the first thing that you are going to find. You will know about how good a product is as well as its rating by reading customer reviews online.

From here, you will know what synthetic urine is made with good quality. As an illegal drug dependent, you will surely rely on this solution. Now, you will find various cheap brands everywhere. Do not easily trust this, especially with the sellers’ sweet words. They know what you need, so don’t get fooled.

How Does A Hair Follicle Drug Test Shampoo Work?

Have you ever wondered how true those claims are about passing a hair follicle drug test by just washing your hair a few times really are? Well, the answer it appears is, it depends.

One of the problems with hair follicle drug testing, and the reason it is so accurate for a long period after you have smoked, eaten or otherwise imbibed your drug of choice, is that the hair knows all. Your hair grows slowly, but as it grows it absorbs the blood and oil from your skin and locks any toxins and chemicals that were on your skin or in your blood tight inside your hair cuticle.

In order to get to those locked away toxins you need to use a really good detoxing shampoo like this one here, but how do you tell what a truly ‘deep clean’ is? After all, most supermarket brand shampoos advertise that they provide a deep clean. First let’s look at how the drugs really end up in your hair.

How Do Drugs Get In Your Hair?

Hair is pretty amazing at absorbing all sorts of things. If you have ever been to a bonfire you know just how much your hair stinks from the smoke, even the next day, and sometimes even after you’ve washed it. However, it isn’t just external environmental smells and toxins that seep into your hair. Your hair also picks up everything you eat, drink or inhale.

Whenever you eat, drink or inhale anything at all the components of all of this is broken down and ends up in your blood stream. In the case of Cannabis, and other drugs both legal and illegal, tests have been created to be able to detect their presence. Hair testing can also be used for allergy testing, although there is some debate about whether it is truly accurate, but they can certainly tell if you have been drinking coffee

So, the substance ends up in your blood stream, and is processed by your liver before continuing to travel around your body in your blood stream. As the blood feeds into the brain and scalp, it also feeds the hair follicle, and it is this that cause ‘metabolites’ to attach themselves to the melanin in your hair. As your hair continues to grow the metabolites that have attached themselves grow with your hair.

With environmental pollution (if your hair has been exposed to physical smoke or vapor) the drugs still enter the hair shaft and attach to the melanin, but at a more surface level.

So, yes, in a hair analysis the technician is able to not only tell what you have been using, but how you were exposed.

What About Those Toxin Removing Shampoos?

A deep cleaning detoxifying shampoo should not be confused with a clarifying shampoo. Although they will both advertise amazing abilities to provide a deep clean, a clarifying shampoo is more designed to remove hairspray buildup from the surface of your hair. In order to remove the metabolites from the internal structure of your hair shaft you are going to need a detoxing shampoo not just a clarifying one.

Each strand of your hair is made up of lots of overlapping layers, rather like scales, and these scales wrap around the center shaft of your hair. The shampoo has to be able to force the ‘scales’ open in order to penetrate deep into the overlapping section, but also in order to be able clean the shaft itself. As you can image a standard supermarket shampoo is not going to be able to do this.

The shampoos on the market that do have the ability to perform such a deep clean are not cheap, and they are also very harsh on your hair, so if you want to actually have nice glossy locks, you won’t want to use it more than once every few months. Hopefully you won’t be facing hair drug tests too often.

Bleach & Dyes

A quick note on the other methods that circulate around the forums online. Bleaching or dying your hair does not work. Although it will help strip some of the surface layer of drugs it will not actually penetrate through to the hair shaft. A fresh dye job might help if you have been exposed to environmental drugs, but if you have any in your blood stream the metabolites will be detectable.